Posted by: vcsbtown | May 30, 2010

To Clutter and Unclutter

Decluttering of My CDs

Piled high in various rooms of the house are the collection of compact discs that started circa 1990.   I was/am awfully proud of the different genres and artists that I have compiled over the years.  It’s fun to reminisce the different phases of music tastes that we went through growing up, especially in high school and college.  Everything from hip hop, rock and roll, country, metal, jazz, R&B.  I used to keep the plastic tape at the top of the CD’s that sealed them shut and had the artists’ name and album title.

As time passed, my brother, especially in the last two years, kept telling me to sell off those CD’s and just copy them onto my computer.  Of course, I loved my CD collection and didn’t want to get rid of anything.  Those CD cases and books became a pain in the ass after a while.  They took up so much space and looked ugly piled up in a corner.   Every album I bought, I copied onto the computer anyway, so I finally caved and started collecting my CD’s to sell or donate.  Initially, I had that feeling that I was going to regret giving away my collection, but after thinking about it, it really became no big deal at all.  After all, you by CD’s to listen to the music, right?  I really never cared for the liner notes anyways, so what’s the big deal?  Slowly, I started to purge more and more of my music collection and I didn’t and still don’t miss having the physical copies.

I’ve been reading the blogs of Everett Bogue’s Far Beyond the Stars and Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits and they do a fantastic job of keeping mindful of what is really important and keeping focused on what matters.  I thought that my music collection is a prized possession, and to me it is, but I was able to rid myself of the clutter of the CD’s keep the music close to me and create more space within my household.


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