Posted by: vcsbtown | July 18, 2010

Having Lunch during Lunch

I have made it a point to enjoy my lunch during….well, lunch.  All too often I see my co-workers in the cubicles next to me spend their entire morning on the phone or in front of the computer.  Then, they order in fast food and/or soda and eat their ‘meal’ in front of their computer.  Are they even enjoying their food?  Have they truly separated themselves from work to eat?  Is it even real food?

There is a beautiful pond in the back of our office where you can see the fish swimming on a clear day, birds chirping everywhere and feel a nice cool breeze.  The other day, I even saw a heron catch a small bass from the pond.  The grass is green and comfortable to sit on and it really is a separate world from the flourescent lights and constant buzzing of our wireless routers and phone system.  Of the dozens of people in my building, I feel that I am one of maybe 2 people who actually enjoy the scenery in the back of the office.  The only other time I see people go back there is to have a cigarette.  For a half hour or an hour, I am able to disconnect from my cubicle and enjoy my well being by having a slow, enjoyable lunch, reading a book, or just breathing slowly. 

I feel that those who just bring their food back from a local eatery and eat at their desk are neither truly working at the moment nor enjoying the food they are eating.  It really is unfortunate because this can be a daily occurence and there truly is no disconnect between work time and break time.


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