Posted by: vcsbtown | August 9, 2010

Coffee and Happiness

Yesterday I arrived at my local coffee house to catch up on some work and read a few books and magazines.  I ordered one of their specialty coffees and they said it wasn’t ready, as they had just started to brew a new batch.  It really was no big deal.  I was going to spend a few hours there and it would have taken me a few moments to get organized and comfortable anyways.  I set up shop at one of the tables, washed my hands in the bathroom and when I came back, I had a hot 16 oz cup of coffee waiting for me.  I took out my card to pay, and the girl said it’s taken care of.  I didn’t really pay attention so as I extended to give her my card, she politely said again, “It’s taken care of.”  Puzzled, I took a second, smiled and said, “Oh, cool.  Thanks.”  I sat down and started my work.  The more I thought about it though, I realized just how important this small gesture was.  She didn’t have to give me a free cup of coffee, I was ready and willing to pay.   But the fact that she did will make me come back as a loyal customer.  It wasn’t so much a freebie that will make me come back.  It was really the warmth and honesty of the gesture.  I wish I told her how much I had appreciated it, but I’ll probably see her again in a week.  I posted a comment on my Facebook a few minutes later that said something along the lines of “The cost of turning a patron into a loyal customer: $1.95. Marketers take note.”  Rather than flashy advertising or a trendy new drink or snack, it was a small personal gesture that will keep me coming back.  Thank you Cook Street Coffee.



  1. $1.95 for a loyal customer – cheap as. I like your thinking. Awesome idea.

    • Thanks, She-Ra. Funny how a little thing like that can have such a positive impact.

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