Posted by: vcsbtown | January 7, 2011

What’s new with you?

I’ve consistently been purging my belongings, but sometimes things creep back.  I had a good collection of used running shoes, basketball shoes, casual shoes that was collecting dust, but had sentimental meaning to them.  After realizing how much space they took up, and how little or non-usage I was getting out of them, I put them in a large garbage bag and donated them.  Haven’t looked back since.  I started an RSS feed last year and jumped on every single subject that I had found interest in; however, once I had realized that certain ones weren’t being read and just collected unread article after unread article, I deleted a good portion of them.  Mainly, I kept the ones about minimalism and living within their means.  The tribe of Leo, Everett, Tammy, Seth, etc did a good job of luring me in and like reading their posts.  I’ve also taken a keen interest in location independence and that will be something that will be looked into.  They say blogs are supposed to provide readers with content that will be of value to them.  This one’s more about me.  Sorry.  Not really..


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